Zanu PF thugs unleash violence in Chitungwiza

Zanu PF thugs unleash violence in Chitungwiza

Zanu PF thugs unleashed violence on some MDC Supporters who were carrying out a door to door voter registration campaign in Unit N, Chitungwiza over the weekend. Delma an MDC activist suffered seriously injuries and is currently admitted at Chitungwiza Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

Delma is one of the hundreds of MDC supporters who were injured in the gruesome attack during the weekend. Apparently Delma is under heavy police guard who are waiting to effect arrest on him whilst ignoring the perpetrators. This is purely a case of state sponsored violence as police ignore reports from the victims as no arrest has been made so far.

In yet another case, Zanu PF youths with the aid of police went about terrorising MDC supporters at night by frog marching them in the streets whilst naked and beating them with sjamboks. Such behaviour by Zanu PF youths and the police is heinous and deplorable.

As the voter registration exercise gets underway we continue to experience a surge in violence against our supporters putting the whole voter registration into disrepute and serious discredit. We call upon the government and ZEC to ensure the protection of citizens as they go about exercising their democratic right to register to vote.

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MDC Alliance leaders meet in Harare

Zanu PF and Corruption are inseperable siamese twins

The Principals of the MDC Alliance met for several hours in Harare this morning to deliberate on various issues on alliance programmes.

The Principals resolved that all party organs nationally from the branches to the Provinces must convene to establish alliance coordinating committees and immediately organise joint activities with specific reference to voter education and registration mobilisation at every level. The National Organisers of the respective parties shall spearhead this programme with immediate effect.

The Principals also established various national alliance committees which include Communications, Organising and networks, International Relations, Legal Services and Electoral Reforms, Youth and Women.

Professor Welshman Ncube was appointed the spokesperson of the Alliance.

The Principals urge the people of Zimbabwe to register in their numbers as we prepare for the watershed 2018 elections at the heart of the motivation behind the formation of the MDC Alliance was to avoid splitting the vote in favour of the status quo.

2018 is a game changer and you are the game changers

Stronger together

Dr. M R Tsvangirai
MDC Alliance President

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